Passion, dedication and an eye and ear for detail are the cornerstones of We Care A Lot. As a company, our aim is simple: to both understand and articulate the needs of our clients, and in doing so to ensure that their music is not only heard but also recognised.

Founded by Louise Mayne in the spring of 2015, We Care A Lot can offer much more than good intentions and youthful enthusiasm. When it comes to launching an artist, or orchestrating a successful campaign, she understands that strategy is the key, and that nothing happens by accident. Louise Mayne’s Curriculum Vitae reads like a roll call at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Comfortable with high expectations and the demands of an often pressurised working environment, she has taken personal charge of campaigns for such superstars as Jay-Z, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, Justin Bieber, AC/DC, Kanye West, Kings Of Leon, Mariah Carey and Leonard Cohen.

Louise has worked as the Head of Publicity at Sony Music, senior publicity manager at Mercury Records, as well as being the press representative for Rick Rubin’s American Recordings (at the label’s first and only London office, where she oversaw the press campaign for the final album by the late Johnny Cash) not to mention a post at Roadrunner Records, where she began her career.

As has been seen, during her tenure at each company Louise has devised and executed press and media campaigns for artists of vastly differing stripes. She was instrumental in securing Justin Bieber’s first ever global style magazine cover for Love (shot by Terry Richardson) and most recent i-D cover (by Alasdair McLellan), in re-positioning Bring Me The Horizon from being the sole preserve of the metal press to the kind of act that sells out multiple nights at the O2, not to mention working closely with hip hop legend Kanye West over no fewer than five albums.

Ready now to fly under her own wing, We Care A Lot is a nascent company that has at its engine the experience and expertise of one who understands the industry from its grass roots to its ivory towers. Capable of helping establish the identities of the young and unknown, to furthering the reputations, and in some cases altering the public perception of the world famous, this is a company ideally suited to navigating the uncertain terrain of the music industry in the 21st Century.